George Katralis was born in Tripoli, where he completed his elementary and secondary education. He studied at the Greek Conservatory of Athens piano, Theory of Music and Byzantine music with Dimitresas M., O. Ioannidou and M. Mavragani respectively, where he received his degree in vocal music and his diploma in Byzantine music. After his military service, he continued his studies at the Attica Athens Conservatory in the class of John Christofilou, where he received his degree in Harmony, Counterpoint, Instrumentation, Flight Orchestration and Classical Composition.
From 1992 he studied morphology and orchestration with Constantine Kydoniatis. In 1980 he founded a branch of Atticon Conservatory in Megalopolis and in 1983 a branch of the same Conservatory in Tripoli. At the same time he was professor at the Pedagogical Academy of Tripoli, and in 1990 he founded and directed the Enavlo Conservatory of Marousi.

Today he lives in Tripoli and is the art director of Atticon Conservatory branch. From his classes of Advanced Music Theory and Composition dozens of students have graduated, who mostly study at University Music Departments in Greece and abroad, while others are working in Tripoli and Athens in public schools and conservatories. Along with his educational work, he has published books on specific subjects (Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration by computer, etc.) and has composed many works for symphony orchestra, string orchestra for chamber music ensembles, piano and other instruments. He has also written music for theatrical productions and has created at the Conservatory a large number of music ensembles that interpret chamber music works. He has conducted over one hundred and fifty concerts in Tripoli and Athens, and since 1997 he has created a high level group of students and graduates of the Conservatory by establishing thematic cycles, such as tributes to great composers. Many students won awards at competitions sponsored by big music and charity foundations, while many students of the Tripoli Atticon Conservatory excelled and won first prizes in both national and international competitions.

He writes articles in musical and scientific magazines. Recently he founded the "Group of Greek Music", which appears publicly and plays artistic greek songs. His works have been performed by Youth  Symphony Orchestras of Greece and Europe and in 2006 his symphonic work Imeros was presented by  the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the Swiss Conductor Christof Escher (Thursday, April 6, 2006,Grand Hall of the Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki and 7 April 2006 Hall of Katsaneio Institute, Ioannina).