This is the official website of composer and music theory professor George Katralis, concerning his compositions and writings. Here you will find: biography, chronological list of works, files of publications and reviews, sound clips of works (midi), video library, published articles, symphonic music works, vocal works for as well as reviews of his book Constantine Kydoniatis, his life and work. The site is available in English with a view to be translated into other languages?? in the future. For the didactic and artistic work of George Katralis as art director of Atticon Conservatory ofTripoli you can visit the address

Twilight of the deamons,
Taxiarhon street, Agios Nikolaos, Agios Athanasios,
(The German-nazi massacre in Trioili of Arkadia)


Excerpt from
the 6nd part of the symphonic work,

The Kritiko