G. F. Katralis, Konstantinos Kydoniatis (1908-1996) His life and work, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Tripolis and ''Parousia'' Publications, Tripoli 2004, page 381.

Recently, there has been published by ''Parousia'' Publications (Asklepiou 50, tel. 210 36 14 183) and the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Tripolis (Municipality of Tripolis, tel. 2710 22 22 35) the luxurious edition titled KONSTANTINOS KYDONIATIS (1908-1996), HIS LIFE AND WORK. Unique edition by the composer and professor of higher musical studies G. F. Katralis, implemented after many years of research and collection of data, documents, testimonies and rare photographs of the great offspring of Arcadia, Konstantinos Kydoniatis.
The edition is accompanied by a preface and introductory notes, a catalogue of Mr. Kydoniatis works, indices, as well as an extensive bibliography. It is the only monograph ever written about the great Arcadian composer, for which the remarkable and well-known composer and writer has copiously worked, so that a wonderful edition has resulted from all this effort, in four-color printing and with an impeccable artistic appearance in the form of an art album, so precious and indispensable for every serious library.  
The internationally renowned Arcadian composer K.KYDONIATIS, who was appointed to write the official musical composition of the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games, lived in a cosmogonical era of contemporary Greece. In the context of historical environment and musicological observations for every major composition, his life and work are presented in a skillful stage narration which enchants both the average reader as well as the searching musicologist, interested in the great composer's contribution to the neo-hellenic school of classical music, but also to the arcadian creative tradition. By reading Mr. Katralis's excellent work, we can follow the evolution of a musician's artistic creation, who by temperament and true sense of his own personal merit, was not consumed in ordinary practices of the trade, but on the contrary he defended art values and noble national desires. He was incomparable among his fellow musicians, and a great teacher with his art and artistic ethos.
From this biography emerges the lonely road of the artist, who in his fairy land world has stood out as a luminous example of the neo-hellenic musical events, thus contributing to the blossom of a movement of values and civilization. The reading Mr. Katralis esthetic book proves the pious way of approaching and respecting a top figure of the greek musical stage, excellently served by Mr. G. Katralis, art director of the Atticon Conservatory in Tripolis.
The book's various chapters are the best testimony of the material's optimal use by an expert on the musical tradition of our country. The book is found in the bookstores of Athens and Tripolis, as well as in those of other major cities in Greece. For all information and orders, one can contact the ''Parousia'' Publications or the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Tripolis. The availability and trading of this volume is in effect until exhaustion of the existing stock.




THE MUNICIPALITY OF TRIPOLIS, THE CULTURAL CENTER AND THE CENTER OF ARTISTIC ACTION present on Saturday, December 11 2004, 7.30 p.m. at the Apostolopouleio Cultural Center, the book of the composer G. Katralis under the title: ''KONSTANTINOS KYDONIATIS'', which recounts the life and work of the great Arcadian composer.        

The book will be presented by: Mr. Takis Kalogeropoulos, musicologist, writer and composer, Professor Nicolas Malliaras of the Athens University Music Department, Mr. Byron Fidetzis maestro and conductor of the Athens State Orchestra, Mr. Thomas Tamvakos music critic, Mr. George Vlasis philologist, and Mr. Nicolas Kalospiros philologist and writer.
During the presentation, members of the ''Greek Music Group'' will play works of K. Kydoniatis.
The participants are: Aggeliki Rekoumi, Andreas Kouretas and Dionysis Mallouhos piano, Georgia Katsirouba and Katerina Robin singing, Demetris Rogaris guitar and Omiros Giavroumis violin.



Dionysis Mallouhos (piano) and Omiros Giavroumis (violin) will interpret Sonata n. 1 of K. Kydoniatis at the presentation of Mr. G. Katralis's book in Tripolis, December 11 2004.

Philologist Mr. George Vlasis

Music critic Mr. Thomas Tamvakos


Philologist and writer Mr. Nicolas Kalospiros


The Mayor of Tripolis Mr. Demosthenis Sotiropoulos


Mr. Dimitris Rogaris

Mrs. Georgia Katsirouba(singing) and Mrs. Aggeliki Rekoumi (piano)


Mr. Andreas Couretas pianist




The ATHENS CONSERVATORY and ''PAROUSIA''PUBLICATIONS have the pleasure of inviting you to the presentation of Mr. G. Katralis's book ''KONSTANTINOS KYDONIATIS, HIS LIFE AND WORK'', which will take place at the Concert Hall of the Athens Conservatory (Vas. Georgiou B' 17-19 and Regillis), on Friday January 14 2005, at 8.00 p.m.
The speakers are: Mr. Aris Garoufalis, Mr. Nicolas Kalospiros and Mr. Christos Kolovos. The presentation will be concluded with some of K. Kydoniatis works by the Chamber Music Group of Wind Instruments ''N. Mantzaros'', with Mr. Kostas Avgerinos trombone, Mr. Giannis Karabetsos trumpet, Mr. Dionysis Mallouhos piano, Mr. George Nousis guitar and Mrs. Aggeliki Kathariou singing. The works of this concert will be heard in A' World-wide Performance. Mr. Christos Kolovos is responsible for the artistic coordination and organization. The event is realised with the kind sponsoring of the ''Apollon'' Return Organization for Greek Musicians.



Snapshot from the presentation of G. Katralis's book ''KONSTANTINOS KYDONIATIS, HIS LIFE AND WORK'' at the Concert Hall of the Athens Conservatory, on Friday January 14 2005.

Seen from left to right: the musicologist Mr. Christos Kolovos, the director of the Athens Conservatory Mr. Aris Garoufalis, Mr. G. Katralis and the philologist and writer Mr. Nicolas Kalospiros.